How you can satisfy her and make her happy!

  1. breakfast in bed
  2. Add size to your arms

 Breakfast in bed

Lets take a closer look to why woman love breakfast in bed. Making breakfast in bed for your girlfriend can propel you to the status of the best boyfriend/husband in the whole wide world. It’s even more special when you actually pull it off. However what television shows tend to neglect to explain is how difficult it can be for a sleepy man to prepare a warm, morning meal that he then needs to serve on a soft, fluffy bed. Sending hot coffee down her nightie is not the ideal situation. Here’s how you can leave a sweet taste in her mouth and make her think about you the rest of the day!

1. Make Her Comfortable
Comfort is most important. If possible, provide a shoulder bolster with armrests and a bed tray with legs. If not, use an ordinary serving tray (black provides a striking backdrop) and set it on a table at the side of the bed.

2. Ditch The Vase
Don’t put flowers in a vase; it might spill. Instead, lay them flat on the tray. A single rose or a few wildflowers on sprigs of green will do. It’s the food that she’ll want to pay more attention to, anyway.

3. No Plastic Cutlery
She’s not having a Happy Meal at some fast food restaurant so don’t even think about using a plastic fork and spoons. Go all out and impress her by using the best china and silver in the house (or a neighbor’s house).

Adding size to your arms


Grab a barbell you can complete 20 repetitions of standing barbell curls and approximately 20 repetitions of lying barbell skull crushers.

Complete 15 reps of standing barbell curls, then immediately complete 15 reps of lying barbell skull crushers. Then, 14 repetitions of standing barbell curls, 14 repetitions of lying barbell skull crushers. Complete this process with as little rest as possible all the way down to 5 repetitions. From that point, begin your climb back up to 15 repetitions.

Beware, this could take some serious time to complete.

2. THE 21’s

21’s are about hitting each muscle from the bottom-to-middle and middle-to-top positions of each exercise.

For example, perform 7 repetitions of a standing barbell curl, but only go half way so your forearm is parallel with the ground. Next, perform 7 repetitions of a standing barbell curl from the middle position to the top position. Finally, perform 7 repetitions through the entire range of motion.

Complete 3 sets with 30 seconds rest.

For triceps, perform the same structure using the barbell skull crushers, dips, or cable pushdowns

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